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Mechanical & Piping/Pipeline Design Piping Design and Modularization
  • Piping sizing and layout, maintaining an efficient layout and accessibility to all necessary components for both operability and maintenance.
  • As part of piping design the efficient layout of equipment to minimize piping runs and unnecessary fabrication on site.
  • The piping designers work in conjunction with engineering to provide a piping design that fits the overall process design of the facility.
  • Experience with pre-packaged oilfield equipment layout and drawing package development.
  • Experience with effective layout of piping modules, allowing for efficient piping layout and ensuring transportation restrictions are maintained.
Piping Stress Analysis
  • Expertise in performing piping stress analysis for simple and complex piping systems and pipelines.
  • Various methods of performing stress analysis for both ASME B31.1/B31.3 and CSA Z662, resulting in efficient piping designs within allowable code limits.
  • Expertise to investigate beyond simple stress analysis approaches to find suitable solutions in complex piping systems without complicating the piping layout more than necessary.
Piping Spool Design
  • Piping designs suitable for fabrication of piping spools in a shop environment, transporting to site and field installation. Taking into account transportation restrictions, shop and site handling limitations and overall efficiency in the piping layout optimizes the pipe spooling.
  • Extensive experience with internally coated piping and the limitations of piping spool geometry to ensure proper coating and coating inspection.