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Traditionally, wellsite and pipeline work have been thought of as onsite welding and fabrication; however, there are definite advantages to the prefabrication of piping and structures prior to field installation. As field construction costs have increased over the years, Precision has worked with our clients to find ways to increase controlled shop fabrication and to decrease field fabrication. Trying to modularize and shop build the majority of wellsite, plant, and pigging assembly piping has the advantage of keeping costs lower. In some instances, however, a modularized approach is less achievable due to schedule constraints. Thus, Precision also supports initiatives with field contractors to perform the majority of the piping and structural fabrication with minimal onsite fabrication where there are ample project schedules and access to acceptable shop delivery times. In these cases, Precision has approached the field contractor with adequate lead time to fabricate much of the piping in their shop and has passed the time and cost savings along to our clients.

Here are some examples of such efficient and effective modularization projects:

Kakwa and Red Rock Fields Equipment Modularization Ferrier Well Tie-In Program
Ferrier Pipelines