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Process Design Detailed Equipment Sizing
  • Capabilities include detailed sizing for various types of upstream oil and gas related processing equipment
    • Separator Packages
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Process Heaters
    • Oil Treaters
    • Gas Dehydration
    • Compression
    • Gas Sweetening (H2S Removal)
    • High Pressure and Low Pressure Flare Systems
    • Tank Farms
    • Control and Pressure Safety Valves (PSV)
  • A combination of simulation software, in house sizing programs, vendor sizing tools and expertise in each of the various pieces of equipment allow for accurate and fit for purpose sizing
Process Simulation Modeling
  • Utilizing VMGSim for both static and dynamic modeling allows for accurate simulations of various processes within any process design.
  • Ability to verify process simulation results using in house process design tools allows for validation of the process models, ensuring accuracy.
  • Process simulations ranging from simple mass and energy balances to extensive process models for complex gas and oil processes.
Piping and Pipeline Hydraulic Modelling
  • Utilizing various simulation software platforms and in house tools allows for the ability to use the most accurate method of calculating hydraulics in gas, liquid, slurry and emulsion flows.
  • Expertise in the various methods of hydraulic modeling allows for our engineers to select the most accurate method to simulate the hydraulic characteristics of any piping or pipeline system.
  • Expertise in multiphase pipeline hydraulic calculations, accounting for flow regime, topography, fluid characteristics and temperature gradients.