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Structural Design Pipe Racks
  • Designs including basic pipe supports, simple and detailed pipe racks, overhead structures and various other structures.
  • All pipe racks are designed in conjunction with the piping design, accounting for static and dynamic loads, vibratory and/or cyclic service, thermal expansion of piping, piping anchor points resulting from piping stress analysis.
  • Designs take into account common structural member sizes, minimizing unnecessary complexity to pipe support structures and maintaining a simplistic fabrication approach.
Piping Modules
  • Wherever possible a modularized approach to pipe rack design is presented to our clients. Minimizing field construction by utilizing a modular approach often results in project cost savings.
Platforms, Landings and Stairs
  • Designs ranging from simple equipment platforms and stairs within a short distance from grade to complex walkway and stair structures.
  • All designs are in compliance with local building codes, safety requirements and client specifications.